We analyzed over 300 alternative lending websites focused on the small business lending segment to find key areas that influence user behavior. Specifically, we concentrated our research on Design and UX, Website Analytics, Digital Marketing, Security and Privacy, and Technology Frameworks.


Website design was checked on a laptop running Google Chrome. We used an iPhone 8 (with Safari as the browser) to test mobile compatibility. Third-party integrations were reviewed to understand website analytics, SSL certificate information and other data. All the information collected for this report was found in the public domain.


DealFlow Technologies researched and analyzed over 300 alternative lending websites in the small business lending sector. We checked various parameters, including marketing automation, website and forms design, website analytics, security, privacy and technology frameworks. We identified numerous areas for improvement. By working with DealFlow Technologies, alternative lenders can improve their user’s website experience, enhance their security, and increase lead-generation and deal-closing performance.

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